Lace Dyed Shirt

Use lace as a stencil

Dyed Pillow

Mint dye, mustard dye, and stencil

Patriotic Shirt

Use our patriotic 3 pack

Zig Zag Purse

Give new life to old items with dye

Cake Flags

Celebrate with tumble dye

Striped Shirts

Add dye to patterned fabric

Tinted Glass Jars

Use dye and decoupage to tint jars

Wood Staining

Create bright colored wood projects

Bag Up-date

Up-date a bag using dye

Stenciled Shirt

Stencil your own shirt designs

Table Linens

Use neons to freshen up table linens

Stenciled Pillow

Gray dye and our free chevron stencil

Ombre Banner

Canvas banner kit and your favorite dye colors

Elephant Onesie

Create your own patterned baby onesie

Dyed Wood

Dip wooden handles in dye

Scrunch Method

Video tutorial

Dyed Alphabet Pillow

Mustard tumble dye & stencil

Accented Cups

Brush a little dye around the base of your cups

Holiday Decor

Mint & Gold Project By Joy Dickson

Ombre Backpack

Customize backpack with dye

Ombre Table Cloth

Dip-dye your table cloth edges

Stenciled Arrow Shirt

Create your own simple stenciled arrows

Tumble Dye Party

Decorate with dye & make tie-dye shirts

Home Decor Project

Canvas Flag & Dye by Piali Biswas

Chevron Baby Onesie

Use the free stencil & mint tumble dye

Rubber Band Method

Easy way to tie-dye

Ombre Bag & Hat

Make a yellow and orange ombre

Dyed Invitations

Use dye on paper like watercolor

Monster Shirt

Make a monster stencil & embellish

Ombre Pillow

Turquoise tumble dye

Barbecue Decor

Dyed decor for outdoor party

Blue Tinted Jar

Tinted jar using decoupage and dye

Kids Projects

Tie-dyed shirts & puppets

Stamped Pillows

Yellow dye & DIY stamp by Dorthea Brundage

Yellow Ombre Bag

Dip-dye a fun, summer bag